Weeding Out

April 5, 2008 02:23 by shireinspect
This tough real estate market is having a real impact on all inspectors from the seasoned veterans to the newbies. You have to look at it like building a garden. There are some plants that add to the garden in there own varied ways, [crops] and there are unwanted plants that suck the life out of the desired crops, [weeds]. There is only so much space for the crops to compete and at this time the garden is getting smaller. The inspectors getting there lisencing now are flooding the market with inspectors, [at this time], but good new inspectors will make there way into being a desired crop, making some of todays "crops" into tomorrows "weeds". The senseless marketing of the inspection business as a get rich quick, work from home, part time type enterprise, is giving all a bad name, that will be exploited by unscrupulous agents. There is nothing part time about this biz. Personally 60-70 hours a week is the low end for me. If you are not constantly inspecting, getting education, promoting or otherwise working in this profession, you are on your way out as a "weed". At the local NACHI chapter meeting this month there were 20+ inspectors present. Five months ago there were six.  {There are 13 paid members}  Inspectors are scared when the market shrinks. This area is still good but slowing. Six years of hard knocks and hard times are paying off. This inspector is one of the crops, not the weed on his way out of the garden.

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