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Welcome to InspectorSpace®!

Welcome to InspectorSpace®!

This web site was designed to provide inspectors, real estate agents, insurance agents, contractors and more, the ability to find everything they are looking for in one place. With the inspection industry moving more and more toward online technology, InspectorSpace® aims to provide everyone involved in the real estate transaction the latest industry news, the ability to learn about and search for inspectors, agents, etc. and more.

The InspectorSpace® technology focuses on the building inspection industry and all things related. Be you inspector, agent, buyer or seller, there's something for you.

Inspectors can use the main page of www.inspectorspace.com as their internet homepage. By registering for a FREE InspectorSpace® account, you can customize the main page with your Favorite Links, your headshot and company logo, enable or disable various features, learn from industry experts with the tip of the day (or enter your own tips to be seen worldwide by our web site viewers!), and more. It's like a mini-web site enabling you to keep up with the industry easily. We also have a networking feature that allows you to invite friends to join, send messages, inspection requests etc. to each other and meet new inspectors across the globe. Think of MySpace customized JUST FOR YOU and others in your industry!

Industry Schools can use the technology to register and upload their courses. Inspectors all over will see many schools and courses offered in one place. Expand your exposure and register your school and its classes today! We hope to help you fill your seats!

Industry Experts will be posting Tips of the Day to help inspectors in many areas. We'll have daily tips regarding actual inspections: Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing, etc. as well as Technical Tips, Marketing Tips and more! If you know of someone who would be a great regular poster, let them know about the site and have them register today!

Vendors will be regularly blogging about products and services that will benefit inspection companies. These vendors will range from software companies, insurance companies, call centers and others. Do you use a product you'd like to share with other inspectors? Let us know, we'll contact that vendor and get them involved!

Blogs are an integral part of InspectorSpace®. They will provide you with up to date feedback on products, services, programs, issues and more. You can even create your own blog! Use it as a marketing tool!

We'll be posting updates to this blog regularly, so keep checking it out!

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